Explore & Restore Slide Decks

Mindfulness, SEL, and self reflection activities to help students heal, strengthen, and re-engage

Made For This Moment

The Explore & Restore Slide Decks support students with social-emotional tools, mindfulness calming supports, and acclimation skills for this first post-pandemic school year.


Encouraging Themes


Individual Decks

Designed For:

  Advisory       Homeroom       Community Meeting    
  Seminar       High School Classrooms

The pandemic changed student’s patterns in so many ways.
This first year back to school will take some adjusting…

Explore & Restore addresses emotional challenges, reinforces positive social-emotional learning skills, and provides restorative tools.

Bring these into your classroom today!

If you have students who the pandemic has impacted harshly, who might be...

  • Anxious about interacting in person
  • Missing their families or pets
  • Grieving loss or illness
  • Feeling angry, numb, or insecure
  • Embarrassed at having lost good study or even personal grooming habits

This series will help them integrate back into the classroom by supporting and teaching them skills to navigate their emotions and thrive.

This Year Back-To-School Poses A Unique Challenge

The pandemic has brought challenges no one expected. It upended students’ lives, school years, expectations for their future. Some experienced increased financial instability and health issues for themselves or their loved ones.

Coupled with racial tension and a rise in gun violence across America, our young people are carrying heavy burdens. Focusing on learning under these conditions is a challenge emotionally as well as neurologically.

Explore & Restore Offers Unique Solutions

The evidence-based restorative practices embedded in Inner Strength's Explore & Restore Activity Sets will help students process, heal, strengthen, and engage with the people and activities in their school communities.

Building a Culture of Wellness

Self care practices are becoming more and more a priority in young people’s minds.

For students who are not experiencing particular stresses or challenges, Explore & Restore will provide a focus on their higher potentials, positive social-emotional and mindful reflection practices, and simply fun as students move their bodies, connect with their friends, and reflect on their own experiences and strengths.

What’s Inside?

In this course, you’ll find 24 slide decks, organized into 6 themes.

  • Each Explore & Restore Slide Deck includes an opening slide, an activity (journal prompt, pair share, or discussion question), and a guided mindfulness tool.
  • You can find inspirational lessons, guided meditations, mindful movements, journal prompts, discussion questions, and other activities to suit the needs of your classroom in the moment.

Getting Motivated!


Finding Ease


Moving Through Loss & Grief


Practicing Positivity


Building Strong Friendships


Being at Home in the World

How Do I Use The Slide Decks?

You can work on a single slide OR share the full set in your classroom.
Each set takes between 10-20 mins to complete.

  1. Share the opening subject slide.
  2. Share the activity question for journaling or discussion.
  3. Share the the mindfulness tool slide and play the embedded audio or video.

About Inner Strength Foundation

Inner Strength Education was established in 2014 to foster inner strength for outer stability in today’s youth. We provide school mindfulness and systems thinking programs, training teens to use context setting and wellness tools to help them realize their higher potentials. A CASEL-recommended program, the Inner Strength Teen Program has empowered more than 15,000 inner city high school students.

Students depend on their teachers and school administrators to set the tone. Yet far too many educators work under impossible schedules and demands.

The Inner Strength Reducing Secondary Stress suite of programs was developed to support and empower teachers and mitigate the effects of secondary trauma and stress. More than 1,700 educators have learned how to incorporate wellness habits into the workday, improving their experience and enjoyment of their work.

Inner Strength programs are evidence-based. (Research results from Syracuse University available on request.) We believe that a better future rests on extraordinary learning environments that nourish the creative potential, joy, and transformation everyone.